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8 Useful Free best FireFox Add ons for Blogging

Free best FireFox Add ons : Many people think that blogging is easy, and it’s just about writing articles. Blogging has never been an easy task, and If you are a blogger, then you might know this very well.

Blogging takes a lot of effort and time to grow a blog. It would be best if you had the right keyword and then research for your article, and then you write a blog post. Work does not end here; once you publish your post, you need a platform to grab visitors.

There are many tools available on the Internet like SEMrush, ahrefs, but they are too costly, and it’s almost impossible to buy them for a new blogger.

In my previous article, I explained what an add-on is and told you about some Free best Firefox add ons to enhance your browsing experience.

Here I have some Firefox add-ons that can save you a lot of time and effort.

8 most useful Free best FireFox Add ons for bloggers to make blogging a bit easy.


We all know that writing content is not enough to run a blog. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most crucial part of it. People spend thousands of Rupees for keyword research, backlinks, and other stuff essential for SEO.

SEOquake is a free best Firefox add-on that provides all the SEO related details of any webpage you visit. It shows the internal, external, and backlinks of any page. You can also compare different URLs with the help of this add-on.

The best thing about it is you don’t need to put every link in the search to see the results. You need to install this add-on and then connect your free SEMrush account with it. It’ll show all details on the top of the page—something like this.


Spelling and grammar mistakes are two common mistakes in blogging that we all do while writing an article. WordPress has also had its own proofreader feature. But, we all know that it is not sufficient. And, that’s why many bloggers hire proofreaders for this.

Hiring a proofreader is not a bad idea, but it’s for them who have high incomes. For a new blogger, the best option is Grammarly. It also charges if you buy it. But at starting, I would suggest you go with its free version.

It works as a proofreader and finds a common grammar mistake as well as spelling mistakes with a high accuracy rate.


The screenshot is one of the best features for a blogger, as well as a normal person. We often need to take screenshots for many purposes. But what if I ask you to take a snapshot of the whole page.

Well, no such feature is available in traditional screenshot techniques. But don’t worry, you can do it with the help of Fireshot free best Firefox add-on. It helps you take a screenshot in many ways, like capturing visible parts, whole pages, and selective parts.

After that, you also have the option to save shot either as an image or pdf. You can save or export your shot with this add-on.


Ok! you have written and published your great article. But what next? Social shares, right! But opening every site one by one and then sharing your article to those sites can really be annoying.

With the help of this add-on, you can share your article at multiple social sites at once because you will have all social network links in one place.

Firefox Pocket

What do you do when you find something valuable on the web? Bookmark right! Bookmarking is a great tool in itself, but it often becomes annoying when you have many links bookmarked.

Here, Firefox pocket can help you. You can save your link with different tags and categories that can help you to find them again. You can also access your pocket data on different devices with one click.

Feedly Subscribe

As a blogger, we need to follow many blogs so that we can get updates on related topics to our blog niche. But email subscription can really be annoying because we don’t want to get spam email notification.

For it, an RSS feed subscription can be the best option because it doesn’t annoy you and also loads faster.

Feedly Subscribe best firefox add-on is my favorite add-on for RSS feed subscription. Its user interface is simple and user-friendly, and that’s why I use it.

Copy plain text

Sometimes in blogging, we need to copy some text from other sources like quotes or reports. But, we don’t want to copy its format, links, or scripts.

For this, Copy plain text add-on can be very helpful. It copies only visible texts without any formatting or link. This can save you a lot of time writing an article that you spend on clearing the formats and hyperlinks of the text.

Google Translate

Last but not least, If you write in multiple languages, then Google Translate add-on can be super helpful for you. As we all know, Google translate is a fantastic tool by Google to translate hundreds of local and international languages.

If you have blogs in a different language or publish your articles in multiple languages, you should use this add-on. I’m sure you’ll love it.


These are 8 free firefox add-ons that are extremely helpful for bloggers. These plugins are for basic tasks not for keyword research and other complex stuff. Even if you are not a blogger, you can use these plugins in your daily life work.

If you know any plugin that can help bloggers then please let everyone know in the comment section.

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