Az Screen Recorder For PC: Download Az Screen Recorder For Windows

The AZ file format is an offline caching tool made exclusively for the Android os. It can be run on Android apps operating Lollipop or higher, and it has a lot of factors that make screencasting simpler.

Unlike so many other related screencasting tools, the AZ Screen recorder is absolutely easy to play and use, and the free plan is usable.

One of the nicest things about this program is that it comes with a lot of useful functions despite requiring the device to be rooted. There will be no restrictions on the writing process, and the captured video will not have a mark. We looked at how to set up the app, how to get it, and whether it is the ideal tool for you in this comprehensive review.

The AZ Screen Recorder’s Highlights

The AZ Screen Recorder comes with a plethora of useful functions. Those options are provided in both the free and premium versions of the application, but they’re all meant to make recording elevated films on your screen simpler. Some of the most notable elements you may anticipate finding on the AZ Screen Recorder software are as follows

Quick And Efficient

It can also be used to grab what is on your screen quickly and efficiently. This includes movies explaining how apps work, gameplay, live concerts on apps like YouTube, and even phone calls made on your computer.

One of the rare programs that can capture inner audio is the AZ screen recorder. However, this functionality is only accessible on Android 10 devices. It can also capture the screen and the face-cam at the same time. The face-cam video is displayed as an overlaid window that can be dragged around the display.

Simple Interface

Using AZ to capture the screen is fairly simple. The settings, in reality, appear as a hovering bar that can keep busy in the backdrop for as soon as you would like it.

Useful Tools

You may also use this software to make GIFS out of the captured movies, which you can then quickly share using the phone’s other apps.

It also has a sketching tool that you can use to comment on the clip in a range of methods. This sketching tool can even be used while the movie is being recorded.

How to Use Free Video Capture On Android

Although the AZ recorder is fairly simple to use, some individuals still have trouble figuring out how to use it to capture their Android screen. If you’re not sure how to utilize AZ screen record to get your phone’s screen recorded, the existing guide should come in handy.

Step 1: Downloading and installing the app on your mobile device.

To begin, download and run AZ Screen Recorder on your computer or mobile device. You can opt to run it via the Google Play Store or acquire the AZ Screen Recorder APK from the app’s home page, as we saw in the activation part.

Step 2: Customize the Options

When the application has finished installing, open it from the app drawer.

A panel with four conspicuous icons will appear right away. To access the settings, tap the gear symbol. You can adjust the playback parameters here to your liking.

3rd Step: Begin Recording

Now tap the screen you want to record with, and when you’re done, hit the “Red” volume button in the AZ display to record the video.

The filming will start right away, and you can use your smartphone normally while AZ records your actions on the side.

How To Install AZ Screen Recorder On PC?

We cannot use Android apps on Windows 10 or below whereas Windows 11 supports Android apps to run directly on PC so I’ll tell you how you can do that but if you’re Windows 10 or 9 or 8 or 7 user then follow this guide.

Step1: In order to install AZ Screen Recorder on our PC, we’ll need an emulator. There are many Android emulating software available here. We’ll use Bluestacks as it is a popular Emulator.

Step 2: Go to the Official website of Bluestacks and click on Download Bluestacks 5. Downloading won’t take much time as the file is just 1 MB.

Step 3: Now go to Downloads and double-click on the Bluestacks exe file to start the installation process.

Step 4: Now follow on-screen instructions to install the software. It will take time depending on your Internet speed as it downloads required packages.

Step 5: Once the installation is complete, Go to start and click on Bluestacks to open the software.

Step 6: Now, login with your Google account to open Playstore.

Step 7: Go to the Play Store and search for the AZ Screen Recorder.

Step 8: Install the app and you’re ready to record your favourite screenplay.

Note: This app won’t work outside Bluestacks. So if you want to record outside Bluestack, install other screen recorder software on your PC.


AZ Screen Recorder is a fantastic screen recorder program that works flawlessly on PCs running Android emulators. This video editing software captures and records high-quality recordings from the computer display and allows users to edit the resulting images and recordings. We all need a screen recorder for our devices at some point.