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Growing Our Instagram by 30% with SMM Panel2

As a marketing agency, Instagram is an integral platform for our clients’ brands to reach and engage their target audiences. However, we found it challenging and extremely time-consuming to grow their followings organically. That’s why we turned to SMM Panel2 for help – and the results have been incredible.

One client in particular, a small startup apparel brand, wanted to expand their Instagram audience rapidly. When we started working with them, they had around 5,000 organic followers and their content was only reaching about 2,000 accounts per post. Their goal was to increase their following by 25-30% in a short timeframe – something that would be difficult to achieve on their own.

After researching several Instagram growth services, we selected SMM Panel2 because of their stellar reputation and focus on delivering real, high-quality followers. We knew Instagram has been cracking down on fake/spam accounts, so quality was definitely more important than inflated vanity metrics.

The SMM Panel2 team conducted a thorough audit of our client’s Instagram profile and content strategy. Based on their recommendations, our client began optimizing their content approach by increasing posting frequency, using more Stories, leveraging relevant hashtags, and geotagging content.

Customizing Our SMM Panel2 Strategy

SMM Panel2 started by fully auditing our Instagram profile and content strategy. Recommendations included:

Next, we created a custom growth playbook with their team. It included:

With the strategy set, we launched our first SMM Panel Instagram campaign!

Executing Our Plan

Over 8 weeks, these were the key SMM Panel2 services we used to hit our growth goals:

SMM Panel2 optimized delivery across new and existing followers. This created natural-looking growth.

Tracking Results

We closely monitored growth and engagement metrics throughout the two months:

The consistent interaction also boosted our organic Instagram traction during and after the campaigns.


Beyond the growth, the campaign created momentum that is still benefiting our client’s organic Instagram presence today. Their posts continue to see higher engagement and their community is more active.

We could not be more satisfied with the ROI and impact of working with SMM Panel2. Their expertise in Instagram marketing took our client’s account to the next level in ways we could not have achieved on our own.

For any brand investing in Instagram growth, I highly recommend connecting with SMM Panel2. Their service is top-notch and they continue to stay ahead of Instagram’s algorithm changes. Our clients see their Instagram presence as a true competitive advantage thanks to SMM Panel2’s help.

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