AmpMe for PC: Download AmpMe For Windows & Mac

AmpMe for PC: Everyone loves to hear a good music track. But when it comes to listening to music in groups or on campfires, a single device becomes unable to handle the burden. Thanks to apps like AmpMe. Because these apps are the only source for people who wish to ignore the fact that they don’t have a loudspeaker with them. The app is even available for PCs too. So, here we will be discussing how to download AmpMe For PC on Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac.

What is AmpMe App?

AmpMe is an application that provides a convenient way to sync music tracks from one to another. Users can play a song with a single device and listen to it from multiple devices, with the help of this app. Even if users are near the devices with which they are willing to connect, there is no need for them to go online for this specific cause. The only time when users will have to connect to the internet is when they are trying to play songs from online musical platforms like Spotify, Youtube, SoundCloud, etc. It is the best application for listening to music without any obstructions.

AmpMe for PC:

AmpMe serves numerous benefits along with being a music synchronization app. It’s a music player which allows the users to play soundtracks that are saved on their devices. There are a lot of services provided by the application, which compels us to use it again and again. For instance, the social music platform where one gets to connect with millions of music fans from around the planet. A great part of the deal is that there is no limit on connecting multiple devices with a single one.

Pros of AmpMe:

  1. It comes with no online ads.
  2. Synchronization services are provided for free.
  3. It comes with a lightweight music player.
  4. It is one of the best apps for listening to music from Spotify & Youtube in groups.
  5. It even grants chat to other music fans.
  6. It allows the users to comment on music tracks.
  7. It is really good for discovering new music tracks.
  8. It helps the users to connect through FaceBook.

Cons of AmpMe:

  1. It is not a fully free music player.
  2. Spotify & Deezer are only available in selected locations.
  3. It asks the users to make an account.

Steps to Download & Install AmpMe for PC:

The best way to download & install AmpMe for PC is with the help of Android emulators, as all such programs are designed for users who want to emulate Android apps & games on a computer. Also, such programs are free and will not cost anything to emulate an app. Users can use the software BlueStacks to get it emulated, as this software works perfectly on Windows & Mac operating systems and is hassle-free.

So we can follow the easy steps drafted below to get the app on our PC:

  1. Go to official website of Bluestacks official website
  2. Download the BlueStacks software on the PC from any functional downloading link.
  3. After it is successfully installed, open the emulator and start configuring it by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. From its home interface, open the Play store app.
  5. Now, search for AmpMe in Google Play Store and install it respectively. Or download from here
  6. After the successful installation of AmpMe for PC, users will be able to use it on their PC/Laptop.

FAQs :

Who controls the music?

The person who hosts the party controls the music. Also called the DJ.

The DJ can also add music to the party playlist, and even queue special requests made by guests in the chat. If the host decides to turn on ‘Guest as DJ’, other users will be able to add music to the party queue.

Users can try the ‘Party Features and How to Use Them’ section, where they’ll come to know about how to turn on the ‘Guest as DJ’ mode.

Can I still receive phone calls while I use AmpMe?

Yes. All of the incoming phone calls will be received even while using the AmpMe, but, it will stop the music on the phone when the calls are received. Meanwhile, the other phones will continue to play music so that the party can go on without the DJ.

How many people can join the party?

Hotspot parties: 5-8 guests

Wifi: Dependent on what your router can support

Otherwise, there are no limits.

Does AmpMe use data?

The AmpMe uses regular data plans to start a party, in just the same way as other music streaming services function. It can be otherwise unless our phone is connected to a local WiFi.

However, they do offer an Offline Mode. To see how to turn on Offline Mode see the section ‘Party Features and How to Use Them’.

What is AmpMe?

AmpMe is the #1 portable sound system that connects us to our friends, family, and even strangers. It allows the users to amplify the sound of their music by connecting several devices (both iOS and Android) to play the same music at the same time. Furthermore, it even allows phones to become portable speaker systems – like Sonos! AmpMe also allows users to customize their profiles, follow other users, host and join virtual parties, join Global Parties, chat in the parties, react to the music and even make new friends in the app.

It gives us the privilege to party anywhere and everywhere we want to.


There are a lot of people who live to party with friends. But, they literally can’t because the sound would be just insufficient.  So, Ampme was born from this observation to serve the purpose. Ampme is an application created by Martin-Luc in August 2014. Its works on a simple principle, which is to synchronize several mobiles to amplify the sound of the music the listeners want to listen to with their friends. Ampme is launched on the market in September 2015.