Cricket live line for PC: Download For Windows & Mac

Cricket is not just a game in our country, it’s a religion in India. We are so attached or you can say obsessed with this game that sometimes we forget that it’s just a game. For instance, if there is any match between India and Pakistan, the situation is like a war. People even break their television if their country loses the match. And if a cricket lover is in a situation like the office where he cannot watch live then he wants at least he could check scores.
Cricket live Line Guru is one of the popular apps to check live scores. It provides live scores faster than any other app or website. If you are a die hard cricket lover then you must have this app.  This app is not available for PC but you can still download Cricket live line for pc, I’ll tell you how.

Cricket Live Line App.

Cricket Live Line app is an Android app where you can check live cricket scores. It provides details of each single ball. Cricket Live Line app also provides details of past matches and information of upcoming matches.

Features Of Cricket Live Line App For PC

Cricket Live Line App for PC has a lot of cool features. It doesn’t show just your scores but also a lot of stuff that helps you to get more information about the match. Let’s see some of the best features.of this app.

  1. The user interface of the app is quite simple and user friendly. You will get what you want on the home screen itself. You won’t have to search or navigate anywhere else.
  2. As I have already mentioned it not only shows scores but also all related information regarding the match. You can see all the players who are participating in the match, live commentary, Match information, Ground, toss a lot of things that will make it more fun. And yes, you can also chat in the app with other users on the app.
  3. You can read cricket news articles and also can participate in polls.
  4. There you can see information of all upcoming matches in 3-4 months. So that you can be up-to-date with dates.
  5. If you love any cricket or want to know any cricketer’s past records, you can see in the app.
  6. You can get information regarding not only Indian team but also all the teams.
  7. You can also check world rankings and points of your favorite team and player in all formats.
  8. The app doesn’t occupy much space on your phone, that’s also a good thing. It has a rating of 4.6 on Play Store means that users really like the app.

How To Install Cricket Live Line For PC

Well, the app is quite good but unfortunately it is not available for PC. Oh! Don’t be sad, I have an idea. Well, in future you will be able to use Android apps on Windows natively but that’s the future thing. For now, you will have to install an Android emulator in order to install Cricket Live Line For PC. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit and click the Download Blustacks button.
  2. Select your operating system and Android Architecture you want and click on Download.
  3. After download, install the software following on-screen instructions.
  4. Once installation is complete, you will see an Android like user interface. Open Play store and sign in with your Google account.
  5. Now, search Cricket Line Guru : Fast Live Line or click here.
  6. Click on Install and wait for installation to complete.


Is Cricket Live Line App For PC safe?

Yes it is 100% safe. You don’t need to install from anywhere else as it is available on Google Play store.

Is Cricket Live Line App good?

Yes, it is an excellent app for all cricket lovers. You get all information, news, and live score in one app.

Can I watch a live match on the Cricket Live Line App?

Now, it only shows you live scores of the match not the live match.


Cricket is not just a game, it’s an emotion. And, cricket live line app for pc understands that feeling and thus it provides everything that you can look for. WIth 4.6 ratings, app users have proved that it is excellent in its field. So install it on your PC and have fun.

And yes one more thing, do share this article with your die hard cricket lover friend.