How to Take Screenshot On PC (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu)

Sometimes we want to save what we see on a computer screen or smartphone screen.  Screenshots are essential while using a smartphone or pc.

It’s quite easy on smartphones now; just swap fingers on your screen and done. But many people find it difficult to take screenshots on PC.

Today in this article, I’ll show you to take screenshots on pc in every possible way step-by-step. So, let’s start with Windows first and then move on to Ubuntu and Mac OS.

How to Take Screenshot On Windows

screenshot on windows

Windows is the most popular desktop OS developed by Microsoft. It is best known for its affordability and ease of use.

There are various ways to take screenshots in Windows OS. Have a look at popular ways:

Way 1: Using Prtscn Key

There is always a Prtscn Key on every keyboard, but it doesn’t work as a Smartphone, and so many people start thinking that this key is useless. But it’s not. Let’s see how to take a screenshot using Prtscn Key.

  1. Open the screen of which you want to take Screenshot
  2. Now look at the top-right corner of your keyboard, there should be a Prtscn key. Tap on it. Keep in mind that Prt Scrn can Print Screen or Prt Scr in some keyboard.
  3. If you have an Fn (Function) key on the keyboard, then there are high chances that the Prtscn key will work in combination with the Fn key. So, in this case, press Fn + Print Screen.
  4. Now, hit the Windows key and open the Paint program.
  5. Under Paint Press Ctrl + V (Shortcut to paste copied content)
  6. And at last, save as per your desired file type .png or.JPEG.

Way 2: Using ShortCut keys.

I know what you are thinking right now. Such a lengthy process just to take a screenshot? Isn’t there any simpler way to do this task? Well, the answer is yes, there is a simple way to take a screenshot easily. Let’s see how.

Windows key + Print Screen

If you want to take a Screenshot of full screen and want it to be saved automatically, use the Windows key (The windows icon between ctrl and Alt) + Prtscn key.

You can access the saved Screenshot in the Screenshots folder in Pictures.

  1. Go to the window you want to save
  2. Press Win+PrtScn 
  3. Did you notice a click sound and a little blink? If yes, then your Screenshot is saved.
  4.  Open File Manager
  5. Go to Pictures
  6. There you’ll see the Screenshots folder, double click to open it.
  7. Your Screenshot should be in the last.

Alt + Print Screen

These shortcut keys also work the same as the Print Screen key. You can take a screenshot on your pc with the Alt + Print Screen of the active window. So, let’s see how you can take a screenshot.

  1. Open the window in which you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Press Alt+PrtScn (Print Screen key)
  3. Open Paint Application
  4. Press Ctrl+V keys
  5. Press Ctrl + S
  6. Finally, give it a filename and filetype as .png or.JPG and click on the Save button.

Windows + Shift + S

So if you want to take a screenshot of only a specific portion of a window screen, then you can use this key combination. Let’s see how:

  1. Open the window in which you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Press Win + Shift + S
  3. The screen will be dimmed, and you’ll see a plus icon on your screen.
  4. Now move that icon to the portion of the screen you want to take a screenshot.
  5. Press the left button of the mouse and move the icon up to where that portion ends.
  6. Now Open Paint Application
  7. Press Ctrl + V
  8. Click on File that you see in the top-left corner
  9. Now Click on Save As.
  10. Type the name of the file and set extension as .png or .jpg (example.png).
  11. Finally, click on save.

Note: This shortcut works only on Windows 10.

Windows + Alt + PrtScn

Microsoft introduced game mode in Windows 10.  If you are a gamer, then this is for you. You can open the Game mode setting by pressing the Windows + G key. And there you can change the shortcut but by default its Win + Alt + PrtScn

  1. Press Win key + G key to open Game Bar
  2. You can take a screenshot by clicking on the camera icon or directly take a snapshot by pressing Win+Alt+PrtScn altogether.
  3. The Screenshot will be saved in the videos library under the captures folder.
  4. You can also change the default shortcut in Game bar settings.

Way 3: Using Snipping Tools

Snipping is an extremely useful tool in the Windows Operating system. Because here you can take either the full Screenshot or a portion of the screen. Follow these steps to use Snipping Tools.

  1. Click on Start (The window icon in the bottom-left corner)
  2. Search for Snipping Tools.
  3. Once you open the application, you’ll see a small pop-up like the window will open.
  4. There you will see a small menu bar (New, Mode, delay, Cancel, Options)
  5. You can change the way you want to take Screenshot on pc by choosing different options in Mode.
  6. Now, click on New to take a new screenshot.
  7. Once you are done, you can save it or use it directly by copying and pasting somewhere else.

How to Take Screenshot On Mac OS

I’m pretty sure you have heard about the company Apple. Apple is known for its high priced gadgets. A famous joke on it is you will have to sell your kidneys to buy an iPhone.

Well, today, I’m not going to talk about price but the ways to take screenshots in Mac OS. Have a look:

Way 1: Shift + Command + 3

If you want to take a screenshot of full screen, press Shift + Command +3 keys altogether. Keep in mind that 3 keys should be from the upper row that has special characters. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the window or screen you want to capture
  2. Press Shift, Command, and number 3 from the top row.
  3. Go to Desktop
  4. There you’ll see ”Screenshot [date] at [time].png” with current date and time.

Way 2: Shift + Command + 4

If you want to take a screenshot of a portion of the screen only, this shortcut will help you. Let’s see how to do it.

  1. Open the window that you want to capture.
  2. Press Shift + Command + 4 keys together
  3. You will see the pointer will change into
  4. Drag the icon to the portion you want to capture while pressing the spacebar and the left mouse button.
  5. To capture the Screenshot, release the left button of the mouse.
  6. The screenshot file will be saved automatically on your Desktop.

Way 3: Shift + Command + 4 + Spacebar

If you want to capture a window or menu, then use this key combination. Here’s how:

  1. Open the window or menu you want to capture
  2. Press Shift, Command, 4, and spacebar altogether.
  3. Now, the pointer will change into a camera icon.
  4. Click on the window or menu you want to capture.
  5. The Screenshot will be saved on Desktop.

How to Take a Screenshot On Ubuntu?

screenshot on Ubuntu

Ubuntu is my favorite Linux distro, and I use this distribution because it gives me both: ease of use like Windows and Linux’s power.  Linux is also popular for its security that you don’t have in Windows. You need to have an Antivirus on your Windows system for security.

If you’re new at Ubuntu, you’ll find it a bit difficult to use. But trust me, it’s not that difficult as stereotypes. Let’s see how you can take a Screenshot on Ubuntu.

Way 1: PrtScn or Fn + PrtScn

  1. Open the window you want to capture.
  2. Press PrtScn, or if you have the Function key, then press Fn + PrtScn.
  3. Open File Manager.
  4. Go to Pictures; your Screenshot will be there.

Way2: Screenshot app

The Screenshot is a simple utility software program that lets you take Screenshot with an interactive graphical interface.

  1. Open the window screen you want to grab.
  2. Click the Start button that you see in the bottom-left corner.
  3. Scroll down and go to Utilities.
  4. There, you’ll see the Screenshot app, open it.
      1. A small window will open up with three bullet options
        1. Grab the whole screen,
        2. Grab the current window
        3. Select the area to grab.
  5. Select any option you want.
  6. Click on Take Screenshot
  7. From there, you can save the Screenshot at your favorite location or just copy and paste anywhere.


Taking Screenshot isn’t a big task, but for new computer users, sometimes it becomes tough to find the way to take Screenshot on PC.

These are a few ways you can use to take Screenshot on PC on your favorite OS. If you know a better way or you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.