Share Me For PC: Download Share me (Mi Drop) for Windows and Mac. 

There was a time when sharing files from your mobile phone to your computer was a big problem and a lot of wires or hard drives, and what not was required, it also took a lot of time for the process to finish. With time things have developed, and the sharing of files and data from a mobile to a computer has become more comfortable and faster. Gone are those days of USB cables and big hard drives.

Many applications on the internet are available that will assist you in transferring the data from your phone to your PC or the reverse. One of the best in the business is Share me, also known as Mi drop. This application will also be useful if you are planning on backing up your data on your PC. I shall teach you how to download Share me For PC but first, let’s talk about the application.

What is Share me?

Share me is an android app developed by Xiaomi, and it is pre-installed in most Xiaomi phones, but you will have to install it manually on other phones. Its primary function is to transfer data from your phone to other devices without an internet connection. It is super-fast and secure at the same time.

App Name:


Category: File Sharing
Latest Version: 1.28.27
App Size:
5.2 MB
Publish Date: January 16, 2021
Available On: Play Store
Requirements: Android 4.4+

Main features of Share me

Share me is one of the best data transfer applications in the market; now, let us see what makes it one of the best.


What do you expect from a file sharing app? Fast transfer, right! The speed at which Share me transfers files is 200times faster than Bluetooth, and it is wireless. So, there should not be any doubt regarding the speed of the file transfer through Share Me whereas the speed also depends upon the hardware so it may vary from device-to-device.

No internet: 

This is a common sense thing that high-speed transfer needs high-speed internet. Just imagine if an app uses internet to transfer files. First it won’t be that fast because most of us use mobile internet. Second, it will consume huge amount of data.  But in this case, you can transfer files super-fast with no internet.


I hate unnecessarily bulky apps. For utility apps like photo-video editing apps can be bulky because there a lot of processing they need to do but there are many apps.

Well, Share Me is as per my expectation.The application is only 5MB, and it does not put any pressure on your mobile phone. The size may vary for different device.


I guess I’m not the only one who is fed up with irritating ads. Well, ads are source of income for developers, I understand that but there are apps that are full of ads and it seems like they are made for ads and content is a side thing.

Share Me is the only ad-free file transfer application in the market, no ads make the UI very clean and fun to use.

Language support:

If there is someone you know who is not well versed in English, they can still use it as it supports languages like Chinese, Espanyol, Portuguese, etc.


You can use it on all the other devices by simply going to the google play store and installing it.

Types of data transfer: 

It can transfer all kinds of files from pictures to mp3 to mp4 videos, and it also has no limit for the size of the file it can move.

Clean UI: 

It has a clean UI that allows the users to transfer files quickly and with no problem. You can find all the files very quickly, which is also one reason for the speed.

Free application: 

You might think that an application with such useful features will come at a hefty price, but this application is entirely free.

How to download Share me for PC?

Share me is an android app, and there is no desktop version for it. You can send your files from your phone to your computer with the share me, but the reverse is not possible without an Android emulator. You will need to download an android emulator to use share me on your PC.

An android emulator is something that allows you to use android applications and games on your PC.

Follow the steps to use Share me on your PC

  • Go to the official website of Nox player android emulator and download the software. You can use other emulators of your choice as well.
  • Install the emulator and then open it on your PC.
  • Open google play store from there; after that, log in to your account.
  • Now, search for “share me.”
  • Install it from there, and now you can transfer files from your PC to your phone and vice versa.

Share it VS Share me

  • ShareIt is famous worldwide, but there are doubts about its security, but the latter is entirely safe.
  • Share it has been banned in India but share me is available worldwide.
  • Share it full of ads, which makes the UI very dirty as compared to an ad free experience in Share me.

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Share me is one of the best and the most secure files transfer applications for android devices, which helps you transfer files to your computer or iOS devices. You can also use it on your PC with the help of an emulator, and it will function very smoothly and securely. As it is an ad free experience, it is the best file transfer application, in my opinion.