Telegram X for PC: Download Telegram X for Windows & Mac

Telegram is a popular instant messaging app for Android and iOS. It is better than WhatsApp in many terms. Whether it’s about privacy control or more security, Telegram stands a step ahead of its competitors. Telegram has its alternate version with more features and faster than its original version, Telegram X. Today, in this article, I’ll discuss Telegram X in-depth and how you can download Telegram For PC.  

What is Telegram X?

Telegram X is an additional, or you can say, experimental version of Telegram Original. Telegram Company develops both the apps, but codes of Telegram are entirely different from the original Telegram app. 

According to the company, Telegram X was developed to create an internal competition within the company. And Telegram may or may not replace the Telegram original

But, it seems that Telegram X is a kind of Beta version of the original app. 

Features Of Telegram X

Telegram X is a kind of experiment app, so it has a lot of features that the original app hasn’t. Let’s discuss. 

Speed: According to many online reviews, Telegram is faster than the original app. It may be because Telegram X has been developed from scratch. 

Power Efficient: According to Telegram officials, Telegram is lighter and more battery power efficient than the original Telegram app. 

Chat Preview: In Telegram X, you can see previews of any chat without opening the chat. To see the preview, you will have to tap and hold the chat for a while. 

Swipe to Switch: Telegram X allows you to switch between ‘Chats’ and ‘Calls’ by swiping left and right respectively on the main screen.

Clean Interface: Telegram X has also removed a few things from the screen to make it cleaner than the original app. It is now easier to use. 

How to Download Telegram X for PC?

Telegram’s original app is available for PC too, but sadly, Telegram is only available for Android and iOS users. If you are a fan of Telegram X and you want to download Telegram X on your Windows or Mac system, then don’t worry, I have away. Follow the steps:

  1. First, Go to the official site of Bluestacks Android emulator and download the software.
  2. Find the software file in File Explorer and install it. 
  3. Now, open the Bluestacks open the Google Play Store. 
  4. Log in with your Google account credentials. 
  5. Search for Telegram X and install it. 


Is Telegram X official?

Yes, Telegram X is fully owned and developed by Telegram developers. 

Is Telegram Safe?

Yes, Telegram is completely safe for use. Your data is highly encrypted in Telegram and Telegram X both.

Is it faster than WhatsApp?

I cannot say, but it has more features than Whatsapp is sure. 


Telegram is an alternate app developed by Telegram to create internal competition within the company. It is lighter, faster, and more secure than its competitors and Telegram itself. 

You can download Telegram X for PC with Bluestacks’s help. If you have any questions regarding Telegram X, then feel free to ask.