Termux For PC: Download Termux for Windows & Mac

If you love CLI or Linux, then Termux is the best app for you to use on an Android phone. It lets you use Linux packages to run on your phone. Termux is only available for Android and not for Windows and Mac and But if you want to run termux on Linux, then follow this article step-by-step. In this article, I’ll discuss termux, its features and how you can install termux for pc.

What is Termux?

Termux is an Android app that emulates the Linux environment on your Phone. You don’t need to root your phone to use this app. The basic setup is downloaded with the app, and if you want to download additional packages, you can use apt package manager as you do on Linux Desktop.

Termux is a powerful Linux tool in your pocket. You can carry and use it anywhere.

Features Of Termux

Termux is a powerful feature-packed app that you can carry with yourself anywhere. Here are a few important features of termux that you should know.

  1. Termux lets you access remote servers over SSH.
  2. You can install any language using command pkg install. For example:
    1. Install C language

      pkg install clang

    2. Install Python

      pkg install python

    3. Install NodeJS

      pkg install nodejs

    4. Install Go programming language

      apt install golang

    5. Install PHP language

      apt install php

  3. You can install any package you want through the APT package manager. It is the same package manager that you use on Ubuntu.
  4. Termux comes with a wide range of options you can opt like bash or fish shell and nano, Emacs or Vim text editor.
  5. Also, you can Access API endpoints with curl and use rsync to store backups of your contact list on a remote server. Amazing, isn’t it!

How to Install Termux for PC?

To install Termux for Windows or Mac, you will first have to install an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox. Android emulator creates a virtual environment for apps to run. Follow the following guide to install Termux for PC. You can skip step 1 and 2 if you have already installed an emulator on your system.

  1. Go to the official website of Bluestacks https://www.bluestacks.com/ and download the software.
  2. Install the software on your PC. The process of installation is quite simple. You can install it just like other software you do.
  3. Now, once the installation is complete, open the software.
  4. Go to the Play Store and Log in to your Google Account if asked.
  5. Search for the term “Termux” or download the Termux APK from F-Droid.
  6. Install the app and type command, and you are ready to go.


What can I do with Termux?

You can do a lot of things with termux. It’s like a Linux terminal in your pocket. You can learn new Linux commands, their arguments and a lot.

Do I need to root my phone to install Termux?

No, Termux runs efficiently on non-rooted phones. You don’t need to root your phone.

How can I root my phone with Termux?

You cannot root your phone with Termux. Termux is just an emulator that emulates Linux terminals in your phone.


Termux is an amazing app to learn Linux commands on your phone. And you can install Termux for PC using emulators like BlueStacks or Nox for both Windows and Mac. And of course, I didn’t mention Ubuntu or other Linux OS because you don’t need Termux on Linux Distro.

If you have any questions related to it, feel free to write in comments.