TorrDroid for PC: Download & Install TorrDroid (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Torrent gives us the freedom to not rely on a central server acting like a dictator. Torrent is a decentralised peer-to-peer network protocol in which each connected computer downloads and uploads data simultaneously without depending on a single server. Torrent is quite popular in the techie community. To download files from torrent, you need a software that will make it possible. TorrDroid is one of the popular Torrent downloader Android app. And, in this article, I’ll show you how you can download and install TorrDroid for PC. 

What is TorrDroid?

TorrDroid is an Android app that helps you to connect to torrent networks. You cannot access torrent files through a normal browser because as I already said, torrent files are not available on a single server. Multiple seeders act like a server.  

TorrDroid is not available for PC, but still, you can download TorrDroid for pc, I’ll show you how. 

Features Of TorrDroid PC

  • TorrDroid comes with an in-built torrent search engine, and thus you don’t have to Install a separate app for searching. 
  • The UI of TorrDroid is quite simple.
  • You can open downloaded files directly in the app. 
  • You can set download and upload speed as per your convenience. Upload speed helps you save your bandwidth as it also uploads downloaded packets of the file while you are downloading. 
  • The speed limit will help you download multiple files simultaneously with almost the same speed. 

How To Download TorrDroid For PC?

TorrDroid is an amazing app, and thus many of you wanted it to download it on PC, but unfortunately, it’s not. Wait! It doesn’t mean you cannot download TorrDroid for pc. Yep! You read it right, I have a Jugaad for it, and you can use it on your pc. Here’s how.

  1. Since it is officially not available for pc you’ll have to download an Android emulator that will create a virtual Android-like environment on your PC. Don’t worry; there’s nothing wrong or illegal about this. 
  2. TO download the emulator, go to Nox Player’s Website and Download. It allows you to emulate Android on all platforms, i.e., Windows, Mac & Linux
  3. Now the Second step is to install the emulator. You can do it as you install other software. 
  4. After installation, open the software and you’ll see an Android-like interface on your screen just like your phone. 
  5. Open Google Play Store and sign in with your Google account. 
  6. Now search for TorrDroid in the search box. 
  7. Click on the first app in the search results. 
  8. Finally, click on Install. 
  9. Congrats, you have successfully installed TorrDroid for PC. 


Is TorrDroid safe for PCs?

Yes, it is completely safe for your PC. And it doesn’t occupy much space.

Are Android emulators legal? 

Yes, of course, Many streamers play PUBG Mobile game PC using Android emulator. 

Can an Android emulator harm my PC?

Generally, it doesn’t harm your PC. But if your PC has only 1 or 2 GB RAM and has an old processor, then your PC might crash. So, be careful. 

Is their any alternative of TorrDrive?

Yes, you can install Flud for PC as an alternative of TorrDrive.


Torrent is my all-time favourite for downloading movies and study materials that I don’t want to pay for, but I want to watch. Yeah! I know it’s not a good thing but who pays for wasting time. 

This is how you can install TorrDrive For PC and download your favourite stuff through torrent. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write in comments.