7 Reasons you should not use Tik Tok

Tiktok is a Chinese video-sharing app used to create short dance clips, lipsync, comedy videos, etc. Music will be played in the background, and the creator should act like that music. All the things have advantages and disadvantages at the same time, it all depends on how we use that.
Here we know about some backside of TikTok I mean some disadvantage of using this app.

waste of time

It takes a lot of time to make the right TikTok video with the utmost perfection. We know everyone wants to be perfect, so people keep trying until they reach perfection, and many try to make a single ideal video. People forget their priorities and essential work for using TikTok.

waste of energy

To take an ideal shot, people try again and again for a single video and waste their energy on a meaningless thing, which is only lipsyncing of whose we don’t know and think that they will be popular.

Bad addiction

This app is very addictive. Once we start using it, it becomes challenging to leave it .you will grab the power of scrolling to get some entertainment. Still, it’s not useful for us because TikTok has no good content or any meaningful videos. And scrolling habits can cause eye-sight problems too.

Ability killer

This app is lowering your ability to concentrate, think, and eventually produce anything of value, that will harm us. The time we spend on this useless thing can be used in studying, exercising, reading, conversations with friends and family, and improving our ability to do work.

Causes depression

People create their videos with great affection, but when viewers make fun of their videos and give negative comments or bad comments, they get inadequate motivations and cause depression.

Causing accidents and various injuries

There have been many cases where people have hurt themselves very seriously by using guns, vehicles, and many other instruments while making videos for TikTok. Some of these injuries even resulted in deaths. Many people lost their lives while making a TikTok video, and many teenagers injured themselves in making TikTok videos.


Some videos on TikTok are very vulgar and inappropriate for kids. For likes and views, people used to make nasty videos, which is not a good thing .some people are creating nuisance on the application by uploading nudity videos. Children who are followers of the app are vulnerable to pornography.