Dark Side of the Internet: Deep Web vs Dark Web

You might have heard deep Web vs Dark Web terms but don’t know what actually they are. And you only hear a lot of things about these words like accessing the dark web and the deep web is illegal and dangerous.

So, the question is what deep web and dark web mean? Is dark web illegal and deep web illegal? Is it really dangerous to access the deep web and dark web?

Aah! So many questions and no answer. Okay! Relax and take a deep breath and don’t worry a deep breath isn’t illegal.

So, let’s find out the answer together. And before jumping on the dark web or deep web, firstly let’s understand the web?

What is the web or World Wide Web (WWW)?

Here’s how technopedia explains web:

The Web is the common name for the World Wide Web, a subset of the Internet consisting of the pages that can be accessed by a Web browser.

Let’s break it down.

All the websites you visit through the browser are part of the web. Many people think that the web is the Internet. But it’s not the same. The web is a part of the Internet.

The web is a system of sharing data where a document is kept on a server with a Unique Resource Locator (URL) and is available on the Internet. The documents may be interlinked by hypertext. Anyone with that Unique URL can access the document.

The web has been categorized into 3 layers.

  • Surface Web
  • Deep Web
  • Dark Web

Let’s understand the surface web.

What is Surface Web?

The surface is the topmost layer of the web and is publicly available for everyone. You can access the surface web by searching on Google.

Actually, everything that you access through Google search is the surface web. And it is only 4% of the web. Is it shocking? Well, some say it is only 1% of the web.

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What is the Deep Web?

When I’m writing this article, it is not available to the public. You’ll need to enter into the Admin panel and for that, you should have User Id and password that is not available on Google.

So, TechQuery defines the deep web as Deep web is the part of the web that is hidden from search engines and that is password protected. All your online messages, social media accounts, emails are deep web.

  • Is it illegal or dangerous to access the deep web?

Of course not. It is very clear that accessing deep isn’t illegal or dangerous until you log into someone else account without his/her permission.

What is the Dark Web?

This is something that is invisible to us. We don’t access this part of the web and we don’t need to.

The dark web is the part of the World Wide Web that is not available in the public domain. One cannot access the dark web with a normal browser.

There is a special browser called Tor browser. The main point about the dark web is that it is completely anonymous and everyone’s identity is hidden.

No one accesses the dark web with a real identity.

Is it illegal or dangerous to access?

US government funds this project so, this is obvious that it is not illegal. But it is quite dangerous to access.

Because the dark web is the favourite place for drug dealers, murder contractors, hackers, and other criminals. So, if you access the wrong site mistakenly then you would be in trouble.

Wrapping it Up…

So, now you have an idea of what the deep web vs the dark web is. Many people use the word deep web and dark web interchangeably. But both are not the same.

The only thing that is similar is both are hidden from search engines. But, they are not the same at all. the deep web is something we access every day while the dark web is completely hidden from us.

Do you have any questions regarding the deep web vs dark web? Ask in comments.