15 Insanely interesting websites (Updated List)

There are millions and billions of websites on the Internet. But not all of them are useful for us. So, I decided to sort a few of them that are extremely useful and interesting websites.

It doesn’t matter in which profession you are. If you use the Internet then these websites can reduce your workload without paying anything.

So let’s start

1. Wolfram Alpha

This website is extra amazing. I’m using the word extra because I love this website. Doesn’t matter if you’re a student, programmer, or any other professional. You are going to love this website once you visit.

Wolfram Alpha is a search computational search engine that gives solutions for your queries. You can ask questions in any subject like mathematics, chemistry, physics, etc.

The best part of the website is that Wolfram Alpha shows the exact answer of the query instead of showing dozens of links. It also shows the steps to solve the questions.


2. Temp Mail

You visit dozens of websites every day and most of the time they ask for an email address and when you put the address they start spamming.

Due to these useless emails you often miss important emails. And at that time you wish if you had email addresses that you could use for one time or a few times.

I also had this problem in the past but now I have a website that provides a temporary email address for free.

These email addresses are called disposable email address means these emails get disposed after some time and you get a new address next time.

3. Pastebin

Many times you need to share some piece of texts with my friends and sometimes your friends don’t have text reading apps on their phone.

At that time you feel helpless. But you don’t need to worry now. Pastebin is a wonderful website that can solve your problem.

You just need to paste the text you want to share and it will create a shareable link. You can share that link with your friends or any person.

Well, you should avoid sharing any confidential information with this website.

4. Draw.io

Draw.io is an amazing free tool in the list of interesting websites. Any software with these features will cost you more than 100 USD. But, this website is free.

Doesn’t matter if you want to draw a flowchart, circuit or mind map. You can draw anything with this web app with ease and without paying anything.

You also don’t need to download any software to use this tool.

5. Solo Learn

Do you wish to learn to code? If yes, then Solo Learn can be a great place to start. This website provides many cool features that help you learn any language.

You can learn C, C++, C#, PHP, Python, SQL, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Swift, and Java with Solo Learn.

The best part of the website is that Solo Learn provides not only the theory but you can also engage with codes and then after you can play around the codes and also discuss with other learners.

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5. Khan Academy

If you’re a self-learner then Khan Academy is the best website for you. Khan Academy provides video-based study materials for class 6 to class 12 and also many other topics like programming, economics, etc.

You can also prepare for exams like IIT-JEE, CMAT, etc.

The best part is that you don’t need to pay any price for anything on the website. Everything is free for all. Just sign up and start learning today.

6. Dictation.io

Do you hate typing? If yes then this is for you. Dictation.io is a free text-to-speech tool website.

You just need to select your language and speak whatever you want to type. The accuracy rate of the website is high.

Once you complete speaking just copy and paste where ever you want your document. You can also use this website to read out a piece to text in different languages.

7. Alternate to

Recently we got a piece of news that a popular play store app CamScanner had malware embedded in the app. Now you want an alternative to that app.

In this situation, Alternate to comes into the game. This website shows you all the best alternatives to any cool websites, app, or software for different platforms like Linux, Android, Mac, Windows, etc.

You just type the name of the app or website and it will show you the list of alternatives.

8. Resume Maker

One of the most crucial parts of getting a job is making a resume for you that looks simple but has all the details about you systematically and graphically.

Resume.com helps you to build a professional and beautiful resume. This web app is fully free.

This website has dozens of template, you can choose any of them and use freely. You can also use this tool for making a resume for others and charge them plenty of money.

9. file.pizza

Have you ever struggled in sharing files between browsers? If your answer is yes then this website is for you.

You can create a temporary shareable link for your file that you want to share. The link will work as long as the page is open. Once you close the page the link will expire automatically.

I think this is the easiest way to share any file but you should be careful while sharing any confidential file.

10. PDF Drive

PDF Drive is a search engine for pdf files. This website in the list of interesting websites has the pdfs of many expensive books for free.

This is the best website if you don’t want to pay high prices for your favorite book. You can read from here.

This website isn’t fully free. It is available in both a free and premium version. You can host your version of pdf up to 100 MB in the free version.

11. Virus Total

What we do after buying a laptop or PC for security? Install Antivirus right? Well, some of them are very expensive. And even then how many antiviruses you can install on your pc?

One at most. Because if you install more than one they will continually conflict for resources and cause a problem.

But what if I say that there is a site where you can scan your file with more than 36 different Antivirus software?

You will how’s that possible and how much will they charge. Well, the answer is quite satisfying and that it is possible at 0 costs.

Virus Total is a site that gives you this freedom. You can scan a file, IP Address, URL, Domain, etc. with this site.

12. Have I Been Pawned

We get news of data breaches every next day. Not only small websites but also giant websites like Facebook are facing the data breach.

In this era where everything is digital and everything is on the Internet, it becomes momentous for all of us to be careful about our cybersecurity. and online privacy.

Have I been pawned website is one of interesting websites that shows if your email id or password has appeared in any data breach? If appeared, then it will also give you tips so that you can secure your accounts related to that email.

It also shows if a password you’re using in your different accounts is secure or not.

13. Ninite

Again this is for them who have just bought a new laptop or pc. Installing all your favorite software one-by-one can be a headache.

Ninite is a software management tool through which you can install or uninstall a bunch of software with a single click.

15. Remove.bg

Do you love photographing and editing? Sometimes, we need to remove the background from a certain photo. Well, Photoshop is the most popular tool for editing but it is very sophisticated and also expensive at the same time.

Remove.bg is a free tool where you can remove the background of any photo with ease.

Conclusive Words….

These are some interesting websites that I use frequently. I know this list is not complete there are so many sites are there that are very useful. But these websites are for daily use. You’ll need these websites often.

And I’ll keep adding more and more useful websites to the list, so be in touch. For now, tell me which website you like the most?