15 Smartphone Myths You Won’t Believe Are False

A smartphone is just like a life partner. We keep it every time with us when feeling bored just use it and pass the time. We do a lot of things with a smartphone; like we check and send emails, instant messaging, video/voice calls, games, selfies, and much more. These are good things but the problem is we have stored a lot of Smartphone myths or you can say wrong information related to smartphones. It might be right in the past. But, we are still believing blindly.

Today, I’ll tell you 15 Smartphones myths and browsing that would help you to use your smartphone more efficiently and freely. So, let’s start at…

15 the most common Smartphone Myths.

#1. More RAM means more speed

Smartphones now come with 4 GB, 6 GB, and even 8 GB RAMs. And companies try to say that it has a bigger size RAM and so, it would be faster than any other phone. Really?

We often hear from the same thing that if a mobile phone has more RAMs so it will definitely fast. But, wait let me clear this out, I want you to understand how exactly RAM works.

RAM is called the waiting room of a computer or you can say device. It keeps programs unless the CPU executes them. Now, understand it with an example:

Suppose you have a shop for mobile phones. Now, customers ask for a certain model more often than any other model. Then what will you do?

Of course, you’ll keep it near to so if anyone asks then you can show it easily without wasting time. This is exactly how RAM works. Your mobile phone fetches all those programs that need to be executed and stores them in RAM. Once the execution is complete the program is swapped out from the RAM.

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#2: More megapixels = Better camera

Smartphone Myths

sometimes the camera quality of the smartphone is generally headlined by the number of megapixels on board while purchasing a new phone. But that fact is, a large megapixel count doesn’t necessarily mean a higher quality camera overall.

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Actually, there are a lot of things that collectively make a Smartphone camera good. And so, saying that more megapixels mean a higher quality of the camera is just a myth and nothing else.

#3: Apps Running in the Background makes the battery die fast.

There are certain apps or programs that need to run continually or more often. And in this case, the Operating system keeps that app in the RAM for all time to save time. Because when an app is loaded in RAM from memory it consumes power and time.

So, if you think that you are making your phone fast or saving battery by removing the apps from RAM then, you are absolutely wrong and you should change your mind. Because you are actually creating trouble for the processor by doing this instead of helping it.

#4: Using a memory booster app makes the phone fast.

Remember the first point? Now, let’s move the story further. Suppose there is a staff who puts the bestseller phone back in the godown.

So, you’ll have to bring the mobile from the godown every time you need to show it to the customer. It’ll consume a lot of effort and time and decrease efficiency.

Here the third-party apps that you use to boost your speed and memory work as the staff. It removes the program from the RAM and CPU has to load it every time it needs to run the program.

This results in slowing down the phone and more power consumption.

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#5: 4G uses up more data than 3G

I often see people saying that 4G uses more data than 3 G as it ends up faster. Yes, it ends up faster than 3G but it doesn’t mean that it uses more data.

If you visit a web page and suppose its size isb1MB. Then, it will be 1 MB for all either 3 G or 4 G.

But since it is faster than 3G and you browse more pages in less time. Also, streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix are often available in different resolutions to match your connection. And if your connection is fast then it’ll show video in higher resolution that results in more data consumption.

And, this is why it seems that 4 G uses up more data than 3G.

#6: Bluetooth/WiFi kills the Battery.

This is one of the most common Smartphone myths. People often say that turn off the Bluetooth and Wifi because it drains the battery and will kill your battery.

But my friend, these two features are made to use continually and the latest Android updates are designed to optimize the power usage. And hence, you don’t worry about it, trust on your smartphone and trust me your smartphone is enough smartphone to manage the power consumption.

But yes, it is recommended that you should turn it off if not in use but if you want it to keep turned on always, No problem you don’t need to worry.

#7: Power Banks Damage the Battery.

Power Banks damage the battery. Well, this might be right but only in the case of a cheap Chinese power bank. But it is absolutely wrong for branded power banks.

Branded power banks use high-quality circuits and therefore, there is no chance of battery damage with these power banks.

On the other hand, cheap power banks use low-quality power circuits that can cause the overflow of currents that can result in the overheating of the mobile phone’s battery.

#8: Overcharging the mobile phone harm the battery.

I have heard from many people that you should not charge the mobile phone for more than 80%. They have their argument that if you charge your phone to 100% then your battery life will decrease.

This is absolutely wrong and you shouldn’t trust it. I often plug my phone for charging at night and remove it in the morning.

Actually, it might be true for earlier phones like 4-5 years back. But now, phones are capable to cut the flow of current and so you shouldn’t worry about it your phone is safe.

#9: Turning Off the Phone/Putting it in Airplane Mode Keeps You From Being Tracked.

This is the most common smartphone myth that you don’t want to be tracked then remove the SIM card, switch off the phone, or put the mobile on Airplane mode.

But my dear it is not 100% true. I want you to know that your mobile is trackable even without SIM cards and you know it very well that is IMEI or in other words International Mobile Equipment Identity Number of the Mobile.

Each mobile phone has a unique 15-digit IMEI number and if your mobile phone is connected to power then it can be tracked too.

#10: 4K Display is the Best.

Of course, the 4K display is the best for sure. But let me correct, it is the best of big size screens not for your smartphone. This is because, after a certain point increment in pixels doesn’t make any difference and it becomes un-noticeable for human eyes.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t buy high-quality display phones. For smartphones 1920 × 1080 Resolution is the best. Further, it’s just a waste of money.

#11: Incognito Mode protects your Privacy.

I have seen many questions about this on Quora. Does Incognito Mode Protect our privacy? Does Incognito mode hide our IP address? And so on…

What if I say: Incognito mode isn’t developed to protect you from being tracked or to hide your IP address. Then what does it mean?

Ok, Let’s understand the normal browsing mode. In normal mode, a file is created and saved on your browser that is called cookies, cookies can further be used by websites for multiple purposes but Websites like Google and Facebook use cookies to understand user browsing behavior and this helps them to target users to show ads.

Now, Incognito mode simply means it doesn’t save this file called cookies and that’s it. Websites would have all your information like browser name, device model name, your IP Address, country, etc.

In simple words, Incognito mode doesn’t protect your privacy.

#12: Installing Apps from the Play Store is 100% Safe.

Installing apps from the play store is safe for sure but not 100% safe. Let’s understand how it’s safe and how it’s not.

When a developer uploads an app on the play store. The play store scans the app to make sure that the app is free from any type of malware. So in this way that app is 100% safe to use as it isn’t affected by any type of malware.

But Google cannot scan the developer’s mind, right? Suppose I uploaded an app on play store and I collect from users through the app. Now, what if I sell this data outside to the third party?

Of course, Google will ban me but by then it will be too late as I already have a large users’ database. And you are one of them then your data is also compromised, isn’t it?

Now tell me if installing apps from the play store is 100% safe.

#13: You shouldn’t use your mobile phone while it’s charging.

It is still true for many devices and was true for mobile phones 4-5 years back. Now, smartphones are well optimized for it and safe to use even it’s charging.

But it doesn’t mean you should use it everywhere. If you are in the bathroom or a similar location to the bathroom then you shouldn’t use your mobile phone.

If you don’t have a waterproof phone then it might be dangerous for your phone as well as for yourself. And one more thing, it is recommended not to use a mobile phone for making long-duration calls while it’s charging. Because it generates a lot of heat that can harm you.

#14: You Should Drain Your Battery Completely Before Recharging it.

Smartphone Myths

Earlier mobile phones used to come with low-quality batteries (were the best for that time) and it was said that batteries had a limited charging cycle. And hence, it was recommended to drain the battery completely before charging it.

I don’t know it was true or not at that time but I’m sure that it’s not true for now. Now, smartphones come with highly efficient Lithium-ion batteries. This means it’s completely up to you when you want to charge your phone, it’s safe.

So, this is absolutely a smartphone myth.

#15. You Should Only Use the charger that Comes With the Mobile Phone.

This smartphone myth is marketed by companies to increase their sales and revenue. But it is not true for sure. You can use any charger with the same specs. But it should be from a trusted manufacturer.

There are a lot of differences between a low quality cheap Chinese charger and a good quality third-party charger. Because Cheap Chinese chargers are not able to manage power fluctuations and power supply. And this can harm your device.

But, Quality manufacturers like Amazon’s chargers are completely safe to use.

Wrapping it Up:

These are some common smartphone myths that consumers have in their minds. And that’s why they are always afraid of many useless things. Technology is changing every day but the information is still old.

As we see, many points were true for earlier phones but wrong for today’s phones. Keep updating your information with TechQuery.

If you have any questions regarding any point then write in comments and let me know.